Faculty of History and Theory of Arts

Faculty of History and Theory of Arts

The Faculty of Theory and History of Art co-ordinates the educational process between postgraduate studies, doctoral studies, and faculties that train specialists in artistic specialities. It provides the educational process connection with museums, galleries of classical and contemporary art, archives, restoration and educational institutions from Ukraine and other countries. The faculty is the only one in the academy having both intramural and extramural forms of study. The faculty has two graduation departments: Art Management and Theory and History of Art.

The main tasks of Art Management department are training specialists in management of art and socio-cultural activities as well as shaping a modern concept of the Ukrainian culture development, raising it to a new quality level, effective using the existing national historical and national cultural achievements, activating the commercial sphere of the Ukrainian culture.

The list of specialized disciplines:

  • management of socio-cultural activities
  • marketing in socio-cultural area
  • human resources management
  • public relations
  • advertising in cultural and artistic activities
  • information management
  • project management
  • fundamentals of human resources management
  • entrepreneurship in socio-cultural area
  • economics of culture and art
  • theory of art and artistic education
  • tourism industry

The concept of History and Theory of Art department activities involves the education and professional training of art experts in the speciality “Culturology”, specialization “art studies” and “museum activities and cultural valuables appraisal”. The main achievements of the department, in addition to its students, are numerous scientific monographs, specialized dictionaries as well as textbooks, educational programs of the new generation.

The basic theoretical courses of “Art Studies” specialization:

  • History of fine arts and architecture
  • History of applied and decorative arts
  • Mythology and iconography
  • Cultural anthropology
  • Art of Modernism and Postmodernism
  • Design in the theory and practice of the 20th - early 21st centuries
  • Attribution and expert appraisal of artworks
  • Fundamentals of auctioning
  • Styles and directions of contemporary architecture
  • Art studies and contemporary criticism

Student Artworks