Факультет образотворчого мистецтва і реставрації

About Artworks Restoration

Artworks Restoration chair is an ideal choice for those who aspire to return former beauty to the forgotten masterpieces. The peculiarity and relevance of the chair's functioning is that it is the only one in the Western Ukraine that train restorers of artworks, which are subject to constant destruction and natural physical aging, even due to museum storage.

List of basic occupational disciplines:

  1. Conservation and restoration practicum.
  2. Special physics, special chemistry, special biology.
  3. Fundamentals of restoration activities.
  4. Computer technological design
  5. Technological practicum
  6. Chromatology. Architectonics of artworks.
  7. Technology and materials science
  8. Fonts, drawings, linear perspective
  9. Iconology, iconography. Artworks attribution
  10. Museology, museum activities.

Student Artworks