Факультет образотворчого мистецтва і реставрації

About Actual Arts

Contemporary Art Practices curriculum is focused on the formation of a qualified specialist, artist in the field of contemporary art. The program novelty is in: а) the introduction of art directions, that are new for the Ukrainian artistic education: installation, performance, video art, object, environment, digital media, interdisciplinary practices; b) combining work with the form in various media and spatial environments and parallel, conscious work with meanings based on the study of theory, the development of reflection skills and critical thinking.
Disciplines to be taught:

  • video art,
  • digital media,
  • object, installation,
  • performance,
  • environment;
  • photography, fundamentals of composition,
  • fundamentals of computer simulation and video editing,
  • fundamentals of computer programming,
  • history of world and Ukrainian art of the 20th – 21st centuries.


Student Artworks