Факультет декоративно-прикладного мистецтва

Glass Art Department History

The history of the Glass Art Department began with the experiment in 1961, when a small department of artistic processing of plastics and glass was opened. During 1963 - 1964 the establishment of the department as an independent structural unit was completed. The creation of a new department corresponded to the needs of the same time and contributed to the provision of specialists for the Lviv Ceramic and Sculpture Factory glass shop.

F. Tkachenko became the first head of the department, and later it was headed by A. Sobolev, M. Tarnavsky, B. Galitsky, A. Bokotey, S. Martynyuk, B. Vasyltsiv, F. Chernyak and O. Zvir. The experimental glass furnace was built in 1973 in order to improve the technical and technological training of students and mastering the practical skills.

Glass Art Department has been actively involved in the organization of the International Blown Glass Symposiums since 1989. On the basis of the Department there were student mini-symposiums organized, and in 2013 and 2016 the educational and creative workshop furnace became the main base for the work of world-known glass artists from different countries.

Since the foundation and to this day, the staff of the department has come a long way. Its pedagogical concept, as well as the work of teachers, students and graduates, reflects the evolution of Lviv glass art school of the second half of the twentieth century.

Student Artworks