Student's Hostel

LNAA Student's Hostel
30 Krymska str. 
79011  Lviv Ukraine
+38 032 270-90-49

Health care and needs of everyday life of students and teaching staff are provided at the expense of social infrastructure, namely by a hostel, a canteen, a fast food countrer, an infirmary and a lecture hall.

The hostel with an area of 5233,8 mis located in 30 Krymska str. It provides entirely students’ accomodation. There is 2430 m2 of living space.The actual number of students living here is 420 persons. The living space for 1 person is 6m on average.There are 9 floors in the hostel, each of which has 2 wings. Every wing includes living rooms, workshops and storerooms as well as toilet rooms.

Living rooms for 4 or 2 persons are furnished with beds, wardrobes, tables and chairs. Showers are located on the 3rd, 4th, 5th floors and in a basement. The hostel corresponds to existing health standards, fire safety standards and acting building standards.

Additional living space for students of LNAA (if needed) is provided by the hostels of Ukrainian Catholic University and Ukrainian National Forestry University in accordance with acting cooperation agreements between Lviv National Academy of Arts and higher education institutions mentioned above.